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Welcome to 29South

29 South is proud to support local and regional farmers and ranchers.  As a member of the Slow Food Movement, Chef Schwartz is passionate about his and the restaurant’s relationship with local farmers and the procurement of the freshest possible ingredients.

Our Farm Partners:

Greyfield Garden:  Greyfield Garden is located on beautiful Cumberland Island and is part of the historic Greyfield Inn. In addition to supplying Greyfield Inn with a variety of fresh produce, herbs, and cut flowers the operation has grown to offer produce to restaurants off island. They use sustainable and organic growing practices and utilize composting, cover cropping, and crop rotation to replenish and build their soils. For more information email greyfieldgarden@gmail.com or visit www.cumberland.wordpress.com

Conner’s A-Maize-ing Acres:  Conner’s A-Maize-ing Acres is family owned farm located in Hilliard.  A fifth generation farmer, Eddie Conner and his wife Betty Jean have a commitment to growing fresh produce both in the ground as well as hydroponically without synthetic chemicals or pesticides.  For more information visit their website at www.connerscornfieldmaze.com

Ocean Breeze Farm:  Ocean breeze farm is located on Amelia Island on the original site of the historic Ocean Breeze Farm which originated in the 1800’s.  The farm grows vegetables naturally, using no synthetic chemicals or pesticides. 
For more information visit their website at www.oceanbreezefarm.net

DelKat Family Farm:  DelKat Family Farm, owned by Del and Kathy Conner, is located in Hilliard, Florida on property that has been in the Conner family for four generations.  They raise all natural beef and pork without the use of medication, antibiotics, or growth hormones.  DelKat Family Farm raises Berkshire pigs providing a premium quality of pork, well marbled with excellent flavor.  For more information email: thisisthepigfarmer@hotmail.com

Sweet Grass Dairy:  Sweet Grass Dairy is a family owned farm located on 140 acres in southern Georgia.  Their award-winning cheeses are created from their own goats and Jersey Cows that enjoy a healthy life outdoors grazing on well nourished pasture.  They utilize sustainable, biological farming practices without the use of growth hormones or stimulants in their cows. For more information visit their website at www.sweetgrassdairy.com

Naked Bee Honey Farm: Located in St. Augustine, Florida the Naked Bee Honey Farm prides itself for its use of traditional methods of honey extraction and organic practices. The farm includes marshland, citrus and deciduous fruit tree orchards providing a healthy home for small groups of beehives. These happy bees produce many delicious varieties of honey including wild persimmon, wild cherry, orange blossom, and various wildflowers. The Naked Bee Honey Farm is owned by husband and wife beekeeper team Enzo Torcoletti, a liaison to the Italian beekeepers of the Marche region and Gayle Prevatt, a student of the University of Florida’s Bee College.   For more information call 904.829.2142 or visit www.moultriecreek.com

The 29 South’s Chef’s Garden: Located on site behind the restaurant, the garden provides 29 South with fresh organic fruits and vegetables seasonally grown for our menu as it changes throughout the year. Comprised of fourteen beds, and various potted plants, the garden is always in bloom and visitors are welcome. It is managed by Nan Kavanaugh with the help of the 29 South crew. For more information contact Nan Kavanaugh Farm/Garden Coordinator at nanrk2@gmail.com

29 South is proud to serve local wild caught shrimp when in season.


29 South is proud to introduce it's new Garden Coordinator:
Ryan Graycheck.

Ryan Graycheck

As a Georgia native, Ryan grew up gardening at a young age. His family had a vegetable garden and as a teenager he worked as a gardener and landscaper in Macon, GA. Ryan graduated from the University of Georgia in 2009 with a Bachelor's in Landscape Architecture. After graduation and working a few seasonal jobs out west he decided to return to his roots. Realizing the impact that sustainable agriculture can have on our environment, economy, and society he began looking into opportunities around Georgia to learn and get experience growing organic produce. 

After apprenticing at Serenbe Farms in Palmetto, GA for the 2011 growing season he  took over the management of the Greyfield Garden on Cumberland Island, GA that fall. Ryan uses organic and sustainable techniques to grow a variety of vegetables, fresh herbs, cut flowers, and a handful of specialty items for the chefs of the Greyfield Inn. He finds gardening to be therapeutic and watching the slow changes in the garden and nature very satisfying. 

In January of 2013 Ryan began to manage the Chef's Garden at 29 South in Fernandina Beach, FL. Ryan strives to produce a variety of vegetables, herbs, and flowers to be used excusively by the chefs in the 29 South Kitchen. He is proud to be working with talented chefs that strive to use fresh, local, organic ingredients. He is also proud be be a part of the growing farm to table movement in Fernandina Beach. 

email: greyfieldgarden@gmail.com